Oldschool Runescape Quest Helper

The Oldschool Runescape Quest Helper is a tool for the game Oldschool Runescape that allows players to enter in their skills levels in order to find out what quests they can do with their skills levels. The quests that the player can complete is then highlighted in green. They then have the option to change the table to all the quests they can complete.

The difference between this and most quest helpers is that the Oldschool Runescape Quest Helper calculates skill requirements needed to start and complete any quest by looking through it’s prerequisite quests.

How does it work?

The system uses a JSON file as its database to contain all of the quests, skill requirements and quest requirements.

In order to display what each quest needs to start that quest, the program calls a recursive function to go through all of the required quests and checks if any skill requirements it has are higher than what the quest currently has. If so then, the skill level would be overwritten.

E.g. Monkey Madness doesn’t require any skills but requires The Grand Tree to be completed. The Grand Tree requires 25 agility therefore, Monkey Madness has a hidden requirement of 25 agility. This is updated to the skill requirements for Monkey Madness.

Languages and Frameworks

HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery


Quest Helper – Quests available to new player
Quest Helper – Available Quests Only Table


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