Weekly Round Up – 06/11/2016

Bonjour! Comment ça va? Ça va bien, merci! Le Français est amusement! Just thought that I’d start this round up with a little bit of French. I have been spending the past four days trying to get back into it on Duolingo. The last time I actually used the language properly was back in school […]

Processing Tweet Tuesday – #2

Processing Tweet #2

Hello and welcome to the second instalment of Processing Tweet Tuesdays. This weeks processing tweet creates an image that gives a vibe of the northern lights. The image is divided into two by colour as the green and purple light flow out from the centre line to the bottom left and top right respectively. The […]

Processing Tweet Tuesday – #1

Processing Tweet #1

So, it’s the first Processing Tweet Tuesday! What is a Processing Tweet? A Processing Tweet is a Processing program that can fit inside a tweet. For those who do not know what a tweet is, it is a message that is up to 140 characters long. Essentially this is working code that is less than […]