Dungeon Log #3 – Building the Game

Tasks I have Completed Week of 13th February – Grid Dungeon Generator Displaying the level layout and the room connectionsGit commit @7c1cd84 Week of 20th February – Creating Basic Room Types Displaying rooms with the associated doors connecting the roomsGit commit @712d0c3 Week of 27th February – Basic Player Interactivity Ability for player to walk […]

Dungeon Log #1 – BSP Dungeon

Welcome to the first dungeon log progress update. Tasks for this week For this week I had one main task, to explore binary space partitioning and to create objects on the Unity hierarchy. I started off the week by looking into primitive shapes so I could get started with putting my generated dungeons onto the […]

Dungeon Log #0 – Introduction

Welcome to my first (zeroth) dungeon log. In this I will be showing what I have done during my final year project for my computing degree on a weekly basis. Introduction My project, that I am attempting to make a reality, is a dungeon crawler where the level generation is based on how the player […]