Dungeon Log #2 – Game Requirements

Tasks for this week

For this week, my goal was to further develop the requirements for the game.
The game is a twin stick shooter dungeon crawler where the player must finish 10 levels in order to complete a ‘run’ of the game. In order to finish a level the player must defeat the boss of the floor, which is found at an end room. Treasure rooms are also found at end rooms. Another requirement is for the level generation to generate a level with at least 4 end rooms, this could allow extra rooms to spawn on top of the previously mentioned boss and treasure rooms.

Meeting Notes

During the meeting, Jeremy and I discussed whether there was enough range of data for personalisation of the levels and how much people have to play differently to show a difference. We also talked about not having the game as seeded so a player could ‘luck out’ and enjoy a more randomised experience.

Jeremy recommend me to look into Spelunky and how the room templates worked for that game as it could work for my dungeon crawler.

Tasks for next week

  • Make a grid based dungeon generator
  • Explore different dungeon generator types

These prototypes do not need to be seeded. (Not to be created from a tree).

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