Dungeon Log #1 – BSP Dungeon

Welcome to the first dungeon log progress update.

Tasks for this week

For this week I had one main task, to explore binary space partitioning and to create objects on the Unity hierarchy.

I started off the week by looking into primitive shapes so I could get started with putting my generated dungeons onto the Unity hierarchy. The issue I came across was that Unity doesn’t support primitive shapes for 2D, this meant that I had to look around on alternative methods. The method I decided to set off on was to create a 100px by 100px white sprite and drag that onto the hierarchy. In order to dynamically create this in code, it has to be turned into a prefab. Once the “floor” sprite had been turned into a prefab, I could then drag it into my “GameManager” object.

Once I achieved this, I was then able to change my binary space partitioning code to “Instantiate” objects from the prefab. These were added to the hierarchy and could create dungeons like this:

From this point, I decided to look into how to stop the player from escaping the level. The route I chose was to explore bounding boxes. I added bounding boxes to the outside of my prefab sprite and on a black square, of which I called the “player”. I allowed the “player” to fall and it stopped on the wall of the “floor” object.

Meeting Notes

During the meeting Jeremy and I discussed many method and ideas on how to achieve the final goal of the project. However, my idea is not currently in a solid state and Jeremy recommended me to start focussing towards an end point as currently I have been exploring different routes. An example that Jeremy had shown me was how to use graphs as a genotype so that they could crossover easily.

Tasks for next week

Due to my meeting, these are the following tasks for the next week:

  • Creating a list of requirements for what the game is, including:
    • Basic Gameplay ideas
    • Types of enemies
    • Player goals for the game
    • What to track for the player

Looking into these things this week will help me understand what direction I have to go in for this project.

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