Weekly Round Up – 06/11/2016

Bonjour! Comment ça va? Ça va bien, merci!

Le Français est amusement!

Just thought that I’d start this round up with a little bit of French. I have been spending the past four days trying to get back into it on Duolingo. The last time I actually used the language properly was back in school around 2012 and I am starting to enjoy the language again.

For anyone who wants to see my progress, here is an image of my progress:

DuoLingo French Progress
DuoLingo French Progress – Click to view larger

Website Improvements and Theme Change

Now you might have noticed some changes to the website if you were here before the weekend. I like the new theme, it is a lot less cluttered and is more minimal and clean. The theme, however, is only the start.

I have added a new social media plugin where you can easily share, like and follow me on different social media. This bar also includes an RSS feed link and a chance to subscribe to a newsletter every time a new post is released so you are always up to date on what happens on this website.

Social Media Bar
Social Media Bar

“Where is the Processing Tweet Tuesday?” some people who are diehard fans would ask. I respond with that I have been extremely busy at university, I thought that I could keep up with the new schedule but alas my university work has managed to build up more than I can complete it. When I manage to get some more time, I do plan of getting this feature back.

As for Feature Friday, you can take the natural computing blog as that. I will be adding all the natural computing blogs into the Feature Friday category because that is what I intended Feature Friday to sort of be. When I come to writing in more detail about my final project, these will also be part of Feature Friday.

Finally the Weekly Round Ups. Same reason as the Processing Tweets really; I have not had enough time to write something up. However, seeming how it is quite interesting to type up what I have manage to do during the week, not just work but social as well, is pretty nice and I will attempt to continue this. I might try to keep this up for every fortnight if I cannot achieve every week.

Natural Computing Blogs

I hope you have been enjoying the recent blogs about natural computation because I certainly enjoyed writing about those topics. I have a couple of ideas I would like to elaborate on, including my mini project I will be creating for my natural computing module. Currently, my idea for my mini project is related to my final project (of which you can see below).

I will be explaining more ideas on my YouTube channel as well, so if you would like to find that then you can either use the social bar below or this link.

If you have any ideas for improvements, please either send me an email, tweet me or post a comment on the blog.

Final Project

I am currently in the process of writing up a blog post about my third year final project and I can tell you that it is a pretty good one. If you would like an idea about what it is about I’ll say that the current title is “A Self Improving Game”. I will be explaining all of this in the next few weeks in instalments.

If you don’t want to miss when I post this, then you would want to subscribe to my newsletter which will inform you when a new post is released. You can use the social media buttons below to achieve this.


Right, so what games have I been playing this week? I played Oldschool Runescape in order to complete the Halloween 2016 event and I must say that it was really good. They took inspiration from the “Scream” horror movies where you see a masked person kill their friends in a old mansion. In order to stop this from happening you have to solve riddles that the killer leaves behind. To be honest, if the killer didn’t want to get caught, why would they have left riddles for you to solve anyway? I understand it is a game, but those characters are not good when it comes to planning.

For more on the event, click here.

I have been playing a little bit of Minecraft with my girlfriend, Jade. We have been trying to build a castle in survival. To accomplish this, we found a nice area to build and a cave nearby so we can gather a whole load of stone. The structure has started to take shape, but it’ll still be some time before we even complete the castle in full.

Jade in the mines
Jade in the mines

A few friends of mine came down to Southend on Thursday, it was pretty good. Many games were played, like Duck Game, Worms, Towerfall Accession and Nidhogg. To be honest really, I just wanted to share this wonderful image of Will and Ross playing an old seafront arcade game of “House of the Dead 3”.

Will and Ross playing House of the Dead 4
Will and Ross playing House of the Dead 3

There has been a lot to say in this post, so I’ll end this here.
Until next time, á plus tard!

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