Once again, hello world

Hello everyone and welcome back to my side of the internet.

I have been gone for a considerable amount of time, and I think I am ready to start this blogging thing for real now. Today, I have just changed my website hosting to hostpresto; let’s see if they are as good as the reviews say they are.

What else other than new hosting, you might be asking. Well, I have regular content planned throughout the week:

  • Processing Tweet Tuesday: I write a 140 character processing program, explain how I got there with the inspiration and any cool tips and tricks about the language.
  • Feature Friday: I write an article about anything
  • Sunday Weekly Round up: More blog styled post about what I have been up to throughout the week

I hope you like the new line up here, I already have tomorrows processing tweet ready. I just need to explain how I got there and make it look pretty.

If anyone is wondering what I am listening to whilst I write this here is the link.

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